The need is urgent,
the time is now

Struggling students and their teachers need help. We provide it through the K-3 Proficiency Project, an impactful adaptive learning program that is already showing excellent results.

Tech + data + support + culture =  success

Our proven program comes with all the assets, tools, and support necessary for students and teachers to succeed year-after-year.

The K-3 Proficiency Project model is a supplement to existing curriculum. It positively enhances how curriculum is experienced by every child. What makes the model effective and unique are the four
pillars on which the model is based and the synergy created among them.

K-3 Proficiency Project Components

  • Adaptive technology
  • Data-informed instruction
  • Targeted coaching with
    in-class support
  • Professional Learning Communities

Engaging students in fun and challenging ways

Students progress faster when learning is fun and
progress is monitored.

We’ve chosen reading and math exercises that are both playful and educational. Students enjoy the work and the challenges they face, while proceeding at their own pace.

Data + Support allows teachers to pivot

In-Class support with real-time data gives teachers a clear view of where students are at any given point, allowing teachers to intervene early and enabling students to move ahead successfully at their own pace.

Trained aides provide classroom support during scheduled adaptive online learning time allowing teacher to provide targeted small group intervention.

Hear what teachers and administrators have to say

It takes a community joining together

Our team devised and created the K-3 Proficiency Project to improve student outcomes and assist educators. But the program needs support as well with buy-in from the communities we serve.