K-3 Innovation is a nonprofit partner with public schools working to ensure every student is on-track to proficiency in reading and math by the end of 3rd grade.

We are an educational nonprofit consisting of educators, researchers, and philanthropic investors.

Our goal is to support teachers through intensive professional development and data-driven instruction so they can help students reach their full potential.

Our Model

A game-changer for teachers

The K-3 Proficiency Project is a two-year committed partnership — not the typical one-and-done professional development program.

In the first year, we work with teachers in their classrooms every week throughout the year. We get to know students, teachers, and administrators well, building trust that leads to improved learning. During the second year, we support the school staff as they sustain the practices introduced in the first year. In the end, schools are able to sustain improved student results in an efficient manner year-after-year.

Our Model

A model that fits every student

Our Program is designed to be inclusive and meet every learner where they are.

One-to-one devices provide the best online interactive reading and math programs and utilize adaptive technology tailored to each student. The exercises are fun, productive, and rich in data, providing valuable teacher insight. Data from a recent case study proves the K-3 Proficiency Project is achieving success.

Our Impact

Together we can close the performance gap

We foster relationships among students, teachers, administrators, parents, philanthropic investors, and community members.

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