The K-3 Proficiency Formula

The K-3 Proficiency Project, is anchored
in research, testing, and educator input.

Our model is designed to help all
students reach grade level in reading and
math by the end of third grade.

How? By using educational games to engage
students, monitoring results from data,
adapting material as each student
progresses, and coaching teachers to use
the program successfully.

Results from the recent school year show outstanding student growth in both math and reading at two of our partner schools.

2023 Third Grade STAR Assessments in Reading & Math

2023 Independent evaluation of the K-3 Proficiency Project’s implementation and outcomes was conducted by WestEd, a respected leader in educational research and evaluation.

“Students from all grades at both Sonoma Charter and Sassarini Elementary
have demonstrated excellent growth and progress since Fall 2020.
The K-3 Proficiency Project shows consistent and strong promise
for having positive impacts on student reading and math outcomes.”

Looking back now, it’s easy to see why we were able to make the gains we did. I’ve never worked with such a dedicated team of coaches, teachers and support staff. What started out as a best-practices project for grades K-3 has now become the culture-defining element for the school. You can’t hope for anything better than that. Sonoma Charter remains committed to K-3 Proficiency Project practices year-after-year for one reason: it works!

— Marc Elin, Principal of Sonoma Charter School

Students excel when teachers excel

k-3 Proficiency Project benefits educators and students alike. Teachers receive the vital technology tools, data, coaching, and support they need to help students learn.

Teachers at our partner-schools see a substantial gain in student reading and math achievement.

Partner with us as a school or investor.

Boosting achievement in reading and math

Our team devised and created the K-3 Proficiency Project to improve student outcomes and assist educators. But the program needs support as well with buy-in from the communities we serve.

To truly succeed, the K-3 Proficiency Project must function as a public/private partnership, with schools getting involved and helping fund our efforts. Together, we all benefit – every student, teacher, parent, school, and community.